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Alligator Data Guard is a powerful tool for protecting your confidential information, using
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24 November 2008

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While working in an organization, the safety of data or files your work with is often a prime concern. Not only from outsiders but you may also need to safeguard your data from malevolent people in your organization. Considering the necessity, we often prefer protecting our data with the best possible encryption method. For encrypting your data effectively and assigning desired attributes, you may find Alligator Data Guard 1.1.060 application rather suitable for your requirements. The program protects your sensitive information by using a 256-bit AES algorithm and incorporates Haval 256-bit HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code). It supports subsequent verification of data integrity and authentication for high security. The application allows encrypting files, folders, and disks, and also supports combining the folders/disks in a crypto-file. Further with the program you can encrypt the data with a hardware ID, password or keyfile, or both.

Alligator Data Guard 1.1.060 sports an attractive interface that encompasses a well-planned set of features. It provides you with separate functions for encrypting/decrypting file, folder and disk. It presents File Options, Folder Options, and Disk Options, Generate Keyfile, Settings, Hardware ID, and Wipe Data. To begin with, if you encrypt your file then you simply require specifying file to encrypt, encryption method, generate and select keyfile, set the password, select location to store encrypted file, and finally click Encrypt. It’s simple! When you go for decryption, you need to follow the similar process of making necessary selections relating to file, encryption method, etc and press ‘Decrypt’. If you want to encrypt data using Hardware ID then click on Hardware ID option that provides relevant information, and likewise you generate key by filling the given fields. Moreover, the program provides Options to alter configurations relating to keyfile generation, file encryption, directory deletion after decryption, masking password, integrate settings, etc, and other advanced options protection settings.

Alligator Data Guard 1.1.060 is deservingly rated at 4 points for its comprehensive security features and strong encryption. The fact that it can encrypt and decrypt files in quick time adds to its repute.

Publisher's description

Alligator Data Guard is a tool for protecting your confidential information, using AES algorithm with 256-bit key and Haval 256-bit Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) to simultaneously verify the data integrity and the authenticity for better security. You can encrypt all your data (file, folder, disk). It is also possible to combine folders and disks into one crypto-file. The encryption process is faster than other encryption software, because it has been written in assembler language and is optimized for better performance. The application supports unique Hardware ID, so now you can keep your data safe, accessible only on your computer, you can also integrate Alligator Data Guard with your favorite application to protect the data. Choose from one of four encryption methods. You can encrypt your data using password only, keyfile only, both options or password, keyfile and your hardware ID.
Alligator Data Guard
Alligator Data Guard
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